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May Roosevelt

Influenced by the very reverend trinity of Bach, Björk and Klaus Nomi, May Roosevelt is an extraordinary thereminist, composer and producer with a sense for good, old-fashioned drama. Her classical arrangements will give you the shivers (or, at the very least, remind you of movies that gave you the shivers), with nods to early industrial or electronic music and a passing resemblance to the god of thunder behind a theremin. Like many people, she got into music via her first Casio synth as a kid. If her knack for otherworldly sounds is anything to go by, that Casio must have been possessed by some very restless and musical ghosts.


2L8 is the project of K the Clown and a team of collaborators and musicians based in Thessaloniki, North Greece.

Berlin Brides

The Berlin Brides’ sound is a hybrid of electro, punk and powerpop. They were founded on September 2007 by Natasha Giannaraki, lyricist and lead singer and Marilena Orfanou, keybordist and composer who gives the band its electronic identity. Conceived in Berlin and formed in Greece, they are reinventing the music scene in Athens with their caustic lyrics and their combustible live performances.

Electric Litany

The story of the band started, when Alexandros and Richard met in London. Alexandros moved from Corfu to London, while Richard was leaving Devonshire for London in search of forming a band of his own. Duane was the last member to join the band, since he was found by Alex and Richard through an ad. Their first rehearsals were taking place in some pretty unusual places, like abandoned and derelict buildings.

New Zero God

New Zero God is a Greek punk/post punk rock band formed in 2006. Their popularity in Greece may be due to the veteran musicians who make up the band; as most Greek rock fans were already familiar with Mike Pougounas and Averkios Hadjiantoniadis from The Flowers Of Romance, which is considered a legendary Greek gothic rock group.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Vello Leaf

"Vello Leaf" is a dream pop band formed in December 1999 by Nikos Grivakis, Michalis Koulieris and Apostolis Lionoudakis in Chania, Greece. Their music is described by the female ethereal vocals, the sweet melancholic melodies and the dreamy atmosphere. They tend to combine their cinematic sound with several kinds of art, such as theatre, film or video art.

Having already recorded two self-released EPs and written music for several theatrical performances under the name "deep.insight", Vello Leaf made their break-through in December 2006, releasing their debut-EP "Morning Star" (featuring female vocals by Alexandra Mckay) which got praising reviews from the press and was later voted at the top-15 of 2007 in Greece by the readers of Avopolis & Sonik music magazine. Reception of the album was beyond expectations and songs from "Morning Star" were included in various compilations, such as Dimitris Papaspyropoulos' "Silent Wonder" (Sony-BMG), the soundtrack of the movie "Alter Ego" (Village Films), and "City Campers" (The Sound Of Everything).

Their first full length album .."Tonight, I'm Leaving...".. was released in December '09 - celebrating 10 years since the creation of the band. It contains 8 songs featuring Alexandra McKay and Evira (Abbie Gale) on vocals, and comes in deluxe packaging with a spectacular artwork by painter Kate Alizadeh.



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